Never Let Me Go

There’s a ocean’s difference between us…but why can’t I still let you go?

There’s an ocean’s difference between us…but why can’t I still let you go?

A very happy valentine’s day to all my friends and followers !! It has been quite some time now on this amazing world of sharing thoughts and ideas, and I love it 🙂 It was fabulous to receive so many fascinating responses and support from all the electric people around here. Thank you all !! So, this time I thought of sharing something much much closer to all our hearts (especially, the lonely ones :p ). Hope you will enjoy this work. Wish you all the best in the quest for finding the true love of your life.


6 thoughts on “Never Let Me Go

  1. Happy Valentine’s to you too, Sir!

    What a kind message. Indeed, thank you for showing up when you did and inspiring me!

    Lovely drawing once more. The eyes in particular are so full of depth and thought.

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    1. Thanks Steve!! I really like the way you point out the finer details…birds of a feather flock together, indeed 🙂

      So, how did you spend your day with your special one? I hope it went all rosy 🙂


    1. Love you wasim…you always read my mind!! I was originally going to give that caption myself. But then I thought, it is too evident from the content. So, I changed the caption. And what could be more satisfying than to see you have exactly spelled out the theme to each letter!
      Glad that you liked my work 🙂


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