Born Free

When the road calls...there are no second thoughts...

When the road calls…there are no second thoughts…

I can bet how many of us are out there who did not feel it irresistible to go for a long ride by countryside on his bike at least once in his lifetime!! The open road…the wind sweeping across your face…the glistening trees…the scorching sun…and the sheer thrill of speed…(of course I’m not encouraging the reckless bikers here) oh boy, a little favor from the weather control guy up above and it got to be an experience of a lifetime. So, after a long pause, I thought of sharing such a moment with you.

Also, I know you might be wondering a bit why the guy is not on an HD or such well know cruiser which you might be more familiar with. Well, the real love lies in your passion always. And this is the one where lies mine. I’m a proud Avengerer !!

2 thoughts on “Born Free

  1. Wow…Born to ride indeed..!! Liked the attitude of the guy ( in red glasses), free-minded, passionate, enjoying at the moment..have to admit he looks like Robin Pattinson πŸ™‚ #GhostRider3
    And you didnt forget the shadow πŸ˜€

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