Warrior Within

Who wants a taste of by blades?

Who wants a taste of my blades?

Hey friends! Remember the legend from Ubisoft? He literally swept me off my feet when it was first released in 2004. And soon after Warrior Within became a sensation…and continued to be a milestone in the Gaming history. X-Box and PlayStation was still a thing of the future at that time (at least in India), so guys were literally fighting over getting a Desktop with some decent configuration which can run Prince Of Persia at least with the lowest resolution.

And what an experience it was!!! Mastering the numerous combos (yeah, the gaming freaks know what I mean), defeating the bosses (especially Kaileena, that too twice !!), risking the prince through dangerous traps and catacombs just to get those 9 increasing life powers, searching for the secret alternative ending and last but not the least…escaping the Dahaka…the keeper of time…and the monstrous beast. Boy, it was such a rush!! To top it off, there was a superb story backing the whole plot that would keep you glued to the screen…and the mesmerizing, unforgettable soundtrack!!

Still can’t forget those endless sleepless gaming nights. At that time it was something of an out of the world experience for me. And I bet it was the same for many of my friends…and for some, still is 🙂 So, this one is dedicated to the boys out there who want to re-live a bit of those Warrior Within moments. Enjoy…and don’t forget to share 🙂