Depth (3D)

Depth (3D)

Playing around 3D art is so much fun! I tried it for the first time and already finding it awesome.

Below is a picture of the same artwork taken from the top. To manipulate the perspective and bring out the 3D effect, the above shot was taken by placing the camera towards the below end of the original work at a rising angle.

Original drawing of the 3D art

The original drawing is done on an A4 size sheet with simple red and black ink (Staedtler). Yes, the work is a bit tedious and takes countless adjustments (especially, if you are doing without standard measuring tools that professional 3D artists use). But the end result is so much satisfactory! There are few simple tricks which, if you can master, will help you realize the 3D effect you have in your mind more easily. One of them is adding a shadow depending on where you want to place your source of light. For this particular case, applying a gradual dark shade towards the pit of the well makes the depth come out even more. If time permits, I plan to write few more articles on 3D art.

Occasionally, adding a simple real-life subject (e.g. a pen or pencil) can increase the 3D effect dramatically.

Artwork with an actual subject

I hope much more are waiting to come !!


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