Depth (3D)

Depth (3D)

Playing around 3D art is so much fun! I tried it for the first time and already finding it awesome.

Below is a picture of the same artwork taken from the top. To manipulate the perspective and bring out the 3D effect, the above shot was taken by placing the camera towards the below end of the original work at a rising angle.

Original drawing of the 3D art

The original drawing is done on an A4 size sheet with simple red and black ink (Staedtler). Yes, the work is a bit tedious and takes countless adjustments (especially, if you are doing without standard measuring tools that professional 3D artists use). But the end result is so much satisfactory! There are few simple tricks which, if you can master, will help you realize the 3D effect you have in your mind more easily. One of them is adding a shadow depending on where you want to place your source of light. For this particular case, applying a gradual dark shade towards the pit of the well makes the depth come out even more. If time permits, I plan to write few more articles on 3D art.

Occasionally, adding a simple real-life subject (e.g. a pen or pencil) can increase the 3D effect dramatically.

Artwork with an actual subject

I hope much more are waiting to come !!




Are you watching closely?

The Empty Swing


The Empty Swing

I wait for her to come and play


I spread my arms to cover her from the sun

To watch her having fun…

I tell wind to gently pass and make no hustle for a while

So that she could smile…

I tell my leaves to moist the air

As she rolls down her hair…

I tell the grass to be gentle on her feet

As she climbs the swing to sit…

And as she sways swiftly underneath my shadow, her legs stretched facing the hill

I cautiously hold on to the ropes and keep vigil…

And when she asks “How are you?”, and plays me as her confidante

I just want to hold her in my arms; alas, I can’t…

Now she does not come to see her friend anymore, years have gone

I stand here alone…

I keep looking down the valley to hear the bell

She used to come riding her bicycle…

But, In my heart I know, I will see her again before I go

Though the cold bites harder now when there is snow…

Let the seasons pass by, the fall and the winter, the summer and the spring

Till then, I will hold on to the empty swing…





Game of Life

14 Game Of Life

The game is always on…

Jurassic Hunt

The hunt is on...

The hunt is on…

It appears quite incredible to me to think that giant reptiles were once the rulers of this earth. It really sends a chill down my spine to think that there was a time when some ancient monstrous predator used to hunt around the very place I live on right now !! I’m sure the paleontologists who unearthed the fossils of these gigantic creatures did have the same feeling 🙂 And maybe other ancient civilizations who found their remains also did, thereby spawning the stories of giants and ogres and dragons.

Thank God, dinosaurs went extinct from the face of the earth due to some natural calamity (the exact cause is still not proven beyond doubt, but the theory of a massive asteroid crashing on earth about 65 million years ago is the strongest contender) as part of a mass extinction event in the last Jurassic era. Otherwise, who knows how different a world it would have been for us, the mammals? Would we have even made it? But one thing for sure, the curiosity towards these prehistoric creatures who once roamed the earth are ever increasing since Sir Richard Owen named them “Dinosauria“.

And among the numerous species discovered so far, I think the most popular one has been the so-called T-Rex, closely followed by the Raptors, thanks to the Jurassic Park movie franchise. Though there were other dinosaurs even bigger and probably mightier than the T-Rex (like the Spinosaurus or the Gigantosaurus), it has just become indispensable in any “Jurassic” movie. I should admit, I felt the the same childlike thrill once again, seeing both of them back on the silver screen with the latest installment of the Jurassic franchise Jurassic World, that I had almost two decades ago when Mr. Spielberg first swept us from our feet, taking us into the magical turned menacing world of Isla Nublar  🙂

This is dedicated to all my friends who are still a T-Rex fan. Enjoy…!!