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Happy new year my dear friends!!

And what better way to kick off the year than with a bit of smile? Let the bygone be bygone, let us put all those pains and tears and sorrows behind while we begin our journey with a ray of new hope and all new opportunities shining over the horizon. So many new friends to be made, so many new things to try, so many new roads to explore. For, it’s not the destination but the journey that matters. Don’t you agree? So, if you were knocked down, gather the courage to collect yourself and stand right up again. If you were disappointed, betrayed and left devastated, pull up your sleeves and get ready to engage again. If you failed and lost, lift your spirit and try again. Because the real defeat does not come when you try and fail, but when you convince yourself to finally give up and pack you bags. Do not stop pushing until you really have arrived at your goal. You may not know how close to your station you really were at the moment you decided to stop and turn back!

So, cross your heart and promise yourself that you will not stop fighting. Life is beautiful and all the good things in life are really really worth fighting for. And it’s the fight that makes the success taste so much sweeter. It doesn’t matter how many times you stumbled and fell down. What matters is how many times you stood up again. For, if you do not fail ever you are probably not on the right way. Stop for a moment to ponder and change your course. The real champion never quits, never backs down. Just like our quirky little yellow friends, the Minions! No matter how many times they failed to win over a new boss, they did not stop looking for one. And finally they got Gru!! And what a boss he is!

Therefore, no matter how much Despicable the last year was, the show is not over yet. Give yourself the benefit of doubt that last time you were tad unlucky, and this year might just be your luckiest year. Keep the fire burning inside you. Stay hungry. Stay foolish. Forever…

Happy New Year !!


The Empty Swing

I wait for her to come and play


I spread my arms to cover her from the sun

To watch her having fun…

I tell wind to gently pass and make no hustle for a while

So that she could smile…

I tell my leaves to moist the air

As she rolls down her hair…

I tell the grass to be gentle on her feet

As she climbs the swing and sit…

And as she sways swiftly underneath my shadow, her legs stretched facing the hill

I cautiously hold on to the ropes and keep vigil…

And when she asks “How are you?”, and plays me as her confidante

I just want to hold her in my arms; alas, I can’t…

Now she does not come to see her friend anymore, years have gone

I stand here alone…

I keep looking down the valley to hear the bell

She used to come riding her bicycle…

But, In my heart I know, I will see her again before I go

Though the cold bites harder now, when there is snow…

Let the seasons pass by, the fall and the winter, the summer and the spring

Till then, I will hold on to the empty swing…





The Empty Swing

The hunt is on...

The hunt is on…

It appears quiet incredible to me to think that giant reptiles were once the rulers of this earth. It really sends a chill down my spine to think that there was a time, when some ancient monstrous predator used to hunt around the very place I live on right now !! I’m sure the paleontologists who unearthed the fossils of these gigantic creatures did have the same feeling 🙂 And maybe other ancient civilizations who found their remains also did, thereby spawning the stories of giants and ogres and dragons.

Thank God, dinosaurs went extinct from the face of the earth due to some natural calamity (the exact cause is still not proven beyond doubt, but the theory of a massive asteroid crashing on earth about 65 millions years ago is the strongest contender) as part of a mass extinction event in the last Jurassic era. Otherwise, who knows how different a world it would have been for us, the mammals? Would we have even made it? But one thing for sure, the curiosity towards these prehistoric creatures who once roamed the earth are ever increasing since Sir Richard Owen named them “Dinosauria“.

And among the numerous species discovered so far, I think the most popular one has been the so called T-Rex, closely followed by the Raptors, thanks to the Jurassic Park movie franchise. Though there were other dinosaurs even bigger and probably mightier than the T-Rex (like the Spinosaurus or the Gigantosaurus), it has just become indispensable in any “Jurassic” movie. I should admit, I felt the the same childlike thrill once again, seeing both of them back on the silver screen with the latest installment of the Jurassic franchise Jurassic World, that I had almost two decades ago when Mr. Spielberg first swept us from our feet, taking us into the magical turned menacing world of Isla Nublar  🙂

This is dedicated to all my friends who are still a T-Rex fan. Enjoy…!!

Jurassic Hunt

...and wash my pains away

…and wash my pains away

She was asleep…when the cracking sound of thunder woke her up. She quickly got up, still trying to find out what it was. Then it announced its presence once again, this time with an even louder crack and an unmistakable flash of lightening that filled the room even through the narrow gap of the closed door. She had no doubt any more. “At last!!!”, she whispered to herself…and ran out into the open terrace as quickly as she could, almost stumbling while opening the door. And there it was…still away from the house…but it was approaching rapidly from all directions. It covered the horizon like a veil of white mist…nothing could be seen in the horizon anymore. “What took you so long?”, she asked in a tone of complaint. And it replied with a blazing flash, piercing across the dark columns of clouds above…and the endless reverberation of the thunder gradually fading away.

“Oh, I know…the same excuse again”, she smiled. Her wait was over. It was almost in her reach now. She gasped, taking a breath, and ran to the edge of the terrace, almost not able to hold herself back. “I’ve been waiting so long…”, she told, “not any more”. She could feel the surrounding changing, moist engulfing the dry and dusty air, quenching the thirst of the arid land. “I’ve suffered so much…”, she could now barely utter the words, her voice almost chocked in emotion. “…so much pain…”, tears rolled down her cheek. She closed her eyes.

And then the first droplet of water touched her gently in the forehead, and then another one splashed on her eyelid, and then another one on her lips…and then another…”Come…take me in your embrace”, she said, spreading her arms across. “Come to me…and wash my pains away…”, she murmured one last time…and then…it started…

P.S. This work is dedicate to my dearest of friends, Tinni. Thank you so much for supporting me, standing by me like nobody did and being my inspiration!!

Rain On Me

Bang on target

Bang on target

Some say that girls and guns do not mix. But judging by the interests guys put up over the Internet search, I beg to differ politely. The cool guns do look deadly in the hands of equally deadly femme fatales who are capable enough to carry them. My latest sketch is inspired by one such work which is widely available over the Net.

Guns always had their own charm to boys. The cold steel, the slick design, the weight and the precision!! Yes, Guns do have the power to change history. And among guns, snipers have always been considered to be a class apart. No tactical operation team is complete without a sniper, who would watch over other members of the team and would also provide an extra bit of confidence to the guys running door to door afoot in close range combat. There are many a stories and legends of extraordinary marksmanship by snipers delivering a kill shot over incredible distances such as over a mile during operation Desert Storm.

The gun featured in the sketch is a Barrett M82A1, which is a standard issue sniper by the US Military as a heavy SARS (Special Application Scoped Rifle). Also called the “Light Fifty” for its .50 BMG chembering, the M82A1 has a muzzle velocity of 853 m/s and an effective firing range of 1800 meters. It has a recoil operated rotating bolt action and a 10 rounds detachable box feed system. Isn’t that Impressive !!

Lethal Weapon

I offer my prayer to YOU

I offer my prayer to YOU

Spiritualism had always played a pivotal role in the Indian civilization and the evolution of it’s rich culture. And in it’s very core, the Deity and the Devotee play the roles of two complementing characters which revolve around the idea of complete devotion and enlightenment gained henceforth. It is, therefore, not accidental that paintings, sculptures and structures of numerous Gods and their devotees occupy most of the mesmerizing historical works found across India in ancient temples, caves (like Ajanta & Ellora) and other pilgrimages. The stories of unconditional surrender and unquestionable devotion by the devotees to their benign Gods have been the subjects of Monograms and other forms of art works by many.

The original masterpiece by Mr. G. P. Brahma

The original masterpiece by Mr. G. P. Brahma

My latest work is inspired by such a piece of art originally created by Mr. G. P. Brahma, a refined artist and an enthusiast in Indian history and culture, a few decades back. Alas, no one seems to remember this great piece of art of late!! This is a humble effort to pay homage to him and his masterpiece.


Who wants a taste of by blades?

Who wants a taste of by blades?

Hey friends! Remember the legend from Ubisoft? He literally swept me from my feet when it was first released in 2004. And soon after Warrior Within became a sensation…and continued to be a milestone in the Gaming history. X-Box and PlayStation was still a thing of the future at that time (at least in India), so guys were literally fighting over getting a Desktop with some decent configuration which can run Prince Of Persia at least with the lowest resolution.

And what an experience it was!!! Mastering the numerous combos (yeah, the gaming freaks know what I mean), defeating the bosses (especially Kaileena, that too twice !!), risking the prince through dangerous traps and catacombs just to get those 9 increasing life powers, searching for the secret alternative ending and last but not the least…escaping the Dahaka…the keeper of time…and the monstrous beast. Boy, it was such a rush!! To top it off, there was a superb story backing the whole plot that would keep you glued to the screen…and the mesmerizing, unforgettable sound track!!

Still can’t forget those endless sleepless gaming nights. At that time it was something of an out of the world experience for me. And I bet it was the same for many of my friends…and for some, still is 🙂 So, this one is dedicated to the boys out there who want to re-live a bit of those Warrior Within moments. Enjoy…and don’t forget to share 🙂

Warrior Within