I offer my prayer to YOU

I offer my prayer to YOU

Spiritualism had always played a pivotal role in the Indian civilization and the evolution of its rich culture. And at its very core, the Deity and the Devotee play the roles of two complementing characters which revolve around the idea of complete devotion and enlightenment gained henceforth. It is, therefore, not accidental that paintings, sculptures and structures of numerous Gods and their devotees occupy most of the mesmerizing historical works found across India in ancient temples, caves (like Ajanta & Ellora) and other pilgrimages. The stories of unconditional surrender and unquestionable devotion by the devotees to their benign Gods have been the subjects of Monograms and other forms of artworks by many.

The original masterpiece by Mr. G. P. Brahma

The original masterpiece by Mr G. P. Brahma

My latest work is inspired by such a piece of art originally created by Mr G. P. Brahma, a refined artist and an enthusiast in Indian history and culture, a few decades back. Alas, no one seems to remember this great piece of art of late!! This is a humble effort to pay homage to him and his masterpiece.